The Roachs’ Workshop

Wicked guys here doing an incredibly amazing job. You can read more about these super skilled blokes here on Petrolicious. You can also view more of the workshop’s fabulous work on their website and Facebook.

Roach_0000 Roach_0001 Roach_0004 Roach_0010 Roach_0014 Roach_0016 Roach_0030 Roach_0031 Roach_0041 Roach_0046 Roach_0053 Roach_0061 Roach_0067 Roach_0082 Roach_0103 Roach_0106 Roach_0108 Roach_0110 Roach_0120 Roach_0141 Roach_0151 Roach_0161 Roach_0162 Roach_0176 Roach_0180 Roach_0183 Roach_0191 Roach_0194 Roach_0208 Roach_0210 Roach_0212 Roach_0214 Roach_0217 Roach_0226 Roach_0230 Roach_0233 Roach_0240 Roach_0243 Roach_0246 Roach_0249 Roach_0252 Roach_0260 Roach_0276 Roach_0279 Roach_0289 Roach_0295 Roach_0297 Roach_0300 Roach_0301
Roach_0320 Roach_0356 Roach_0363 Roach_0366 Roach_0369 Roach_0372 Roach_0393 Roach_0398
Roach_0415 Roach_0418 Roach_0430 Roach_0436 Roach_0438 Roach_0444 Roach_0449 Roach_0452 Roach_0456 Roach_0459 Roach_0465 Roach_0471 Roach_0485 Roach_0488 Roach_0491 Roach_0498 Roach_0519 Roach_0535 Roach_0542 Roach_0557 Roach_0563 Roach_0586 Roach_0587 Roach_0597 Roach_0603 Roach_0610 Roach_0629 Roach_0654 Roach_0657 Roach_0662 Roach_0666 Roach_0676 Roach_0680Ro

2 thoughts on “The Roachs’ Workshop

  1. Amy, Your photographs always leave me with my jaw hanging. Thank you so much for sharing your uncommon talent.

  2. Amy, Thank you so much for the head’s up on Petrolicious. The site would seem to be an excellent vehicle for your amazing automotive work. Tom

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