Goodwood’s 72nd Members’ Meeting

I’m going to warn you now, this album is long. There was so many amazing characters and cars that I struggled to whittle my shots down to just this many. Goodwood’s 72nd Members’ Meeting weekend was a truly unforgettable experience for me and I feel so lucky to have been able to be part of it. The races were thrilling, the evening entertainment was mind boggling (I mean, come on – have you ever seen a nun on a motorised organ before?!) and the food was delicious. I hope these shots give you an idea of what it was like to be there because boy oh boy, you missed a good show.



72MM_14_AmyShore_0580 72MM_14_AmyShore_0585 72MM_14_AmyShore_0587 72MM_14_AmyShore_0591 72MM_14_AmyShore_0592 72MM_14_AmyShore_0598 72MM_14_AmyShore_0601 72MM_14_AmyShore_0603 72MM_14_AmyShore_0604 72MM_14_AmyShore_0614 72MM_14_AmyShore_0616 72MM_14_AmyShore_0623 72MM_14_AmyShore_0625 72MM_14_AmyShore_0632 72MM_14_AmyShore_0633 72MM_14_AmyShore_0636 72MM_14_AmyShore_0641 72MM_14_AmyShore_0643 72MM_14_AmyShore_0647 72MM_14_AmyShore_0653 72MM_14_AmyShore_0654 72MM_14_AmyShore_0657 72MM_14_AmyShore_0664 72MM_14_AmyShore_0667 72MM_14_AmyShore_0673 72MM_14_AmyShore_0675 72MM_14_AmyShore_0679 72MM_14_AmyShore_0686 72MM_14_AmyShore_0689 72MM_14_AmyShore_0700 72MM_14_AmyShore_0701 72MM_14_AmyShore_0707 72MM_14_AmyShore_0715 72MM_14_AmyShore_0716 72MM_14_AmyShore_0722 72MM_14_AmyShore_0728 72MM_14_AmyShore_0730 72MM_14_AmyShore_0734 72MM_14_AmyShore_0739 72MM_14_AmyShore_0741 72MM_14_AmyShore_0747 72MM_14_AmyShore_0749 72MM_14_AmyShore_0750 72MM_14_AmyShore_0754 72MM_14_AmyShore_0760 72MM_14_AmyShore_0765 72MM_14_AmyShore_0768 72MM_14_AmyShore_0770 72MM_14_AmyShore_0771 72MM_14_AmyShore_0772 72MM_14_AmyShore_0780 72MM_14_AmyShore_0782 72MM_14_AmyShore_0787 72MM_14_AmyShore_0793 72MM_14_AmyShore_0805 72MM_14_AmyShore_0819 72MM_14_AmyShore_0821 72MM_14_AmyShore_0822

  1. WowI What a treat. Thank you for sharing . You have a great eye. I’ve seen possibly a million pictures (give or take) in my life about the same subject as this. Many were technically excellent photographs. But yours are more … they make me feel like I’ve actually been standing next to you as you shot them. I really like that. And yes, your photographs are technically and artistically “spot on.” Tom

  2. Amazing pictures! I’m so disapointed I couldn’t take part to the meeting, but thanks to you I can feel the atmosphere and almost hear the noise and smell burned tires! So emotional! Thank you for sharing! Keep going and don’t change anything! Raph

  3. Wow, beautiful art. Your framing and angles are inspired and I have saved your details for when I need a true artist in photograpy. I know so many of the subjects and you have perfectly captured them, including me in my moment of triumph! Thank you for sharing your amazing talent with us.

  4. Totally inspirational. You’ve captured the event and it’s people brilliantly. Your shots make it feel like there is no photographer and the person looking in is actually there. Like I said, inspirational.

  5. Totally inspirational. You’ve captured the event and it’s people brilliantly. Your shots make it feel like there is no photographer and the person looking in is actually there. Like I said, inspirational.

  6. Amy, this gallery of images is beautiful, stimulating and a joy to look at. You have captured the whole event – I love your night time images of the parade and the people involved.

  7. Amy, it is quite clear you are a ‘people person’ with that rare ability that Cartier Bresson possessed when capturing human moments – perfectionist timing with the talents and instincts of the game hunter. A treat not to see simply a rare classic car in high gloss a la Pebble Beach but also the animating force behind them – the drivers, mechanics and spectators. Another dimension. A quite brilliant set of photographs. You certainly have what Bruce Chatwin referred to as ‘the eye’ when he was working at Sotheby’s. The slightly washed out colours or grainy black and white contributes so much to the notion of a nostalgia fest, which of course Goodwood events are in essence. I so envy your talent. From the dawn opening on Saturday to dusk on Sunday a wonderful portfolio. I was there and have returned thanks to you. A treasure.

    1. Michael, what an absolute pleasure it was to read your comment earlier today. I cannot even begin to express how truly lovely it was to read and how touched I am. Next time you find yourself wandering the pits of Goodwood, drop me an email as it would be a pleasure to meet you. Thank you. – Amy

  8. Amy, Mike Moran referenced your set in our car group here in Warsaw and I wanted to congratulate you on a wonderfully evocative portfolio. The colour rendition is so atmospheric that I kept expecting John Surtees or Graham Hill to appear in the following image…

  9. Hi, Amy
    I found your page today and I would like to say that You are doing fantastic Job.
    I’m a hobbyist photographer myself trying to go full fledged in Photography soon.

    One question I have to ask you here,
    What editing do you do on your photos? I’m sure they aren’t direct from camera. I see there is an overlay on all photos which actually gives them a very warm feeling.
    Can you please tell us your secret if it is not confidential?

    Great work!

    1. Hey! Thank you so much for your comment. The editing varies rather a lot between each shoot I do, depending on the feel I want for the set or the settings that I get given but most of the editing is done using curves. That’s basically it! 🙂

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  11. Hi Amy, Paul here at QWH. I have had a good long look through this album, brought back some memories, very enjoyable. Excellent atmospheric moments in time, each one a gem.
    Well done you keep up the good work.

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