Pitts Special

Sitting in a coffee shop on my lazy Sunday afternoon, I admired how wonderful the weather was and contemplated what I was having for dinner that evening. Mid gulp of my tea, I suddenly remembered about an offer I’d been gifted a while back from aerobatic pilot Rob Millinship to have a  fly in his Pitts Special. After a quick call and a few more slurps of tea, I was whizzing back home to grab my (hopefully charged…) camera and head off to Leicester Airport for a spin in the sky. Enjoy the photos and a rather wobbly video at the end of my amusing facial expressions during a couple of loops and spinny things. G-force is pretty difficult to film in , oddly enough…

Pitts 004

Pitts 013 Pitts 015 Pitts 017 Pitts 034 Pitts 038 Pitts 049 Pitts 053 Pitts 062 Pitts 069 Pitts 071 Pitts 083 Pitts 094 Pitts 095 Pitts 106 Pitts 135 Pitts 136 Pitts 152 Pitts 194Pitts 262 Pitts 264 Pitts 265 Pitts 267 Pitts 288Pitts 304 Pitts 310 Pitts 313 Pitts 314 Pitts 340 Pitts 346 Pitts 354 Pitts 357 Pitts 371Pitts 373 Pitts 384 Pitts 435 Pitts 439 Pitts 444Pitts 449 Pitts 456 Pitts 458 Pitts 464 Pitts 507Pitts 514 Pitts 527 Pitts 549 Pitts 552Pitts 564 Pitts 582 Pitts 592 Pitts 605 Pitts 612 Pitts 614Pitts 617 Pitts 621 Pitts 638 Pitts 660 Pitts 667 Pitts 670 Pitts 689 Pitts 693

  1. Once again, Amy, your photographs give my a feeling of presence. It just doesn’t get any better than that.

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