Goodwood Revival 2013

Unlike my previous years at this event, this year (thanks to some very good friends!) I was able to spend the whole weekend at Goodwood Revival in Chichester, West Sussex. For those of you who have never been, Goodwood Revival is a fabulous weekend where you travel back in time to experience the life of 40’s/50’s/60’s car racing. Those of you who are not dressed in the correct era are given odd and disapproving glances from those around you but don’t worry, there are plenty of shops and beauty parlours around that you can be spruced up in. And afterwards, feel free to do a little shopping in the 1950’s Tesco store, grab a beer from your local pub or sip tea in the Spitfire Cafe with soldiers and pilots as you hear the roaring sounds of engines from cars, motorbikes and aeroplanes all around you. Goodwood Revival is a truly magical place to visit, even if you’re not an engine fanatic.

Goodwood 001 Goodwood 002 Goodwood 003 Goodwood 004 Goodwood 005 Goodwood 006 Goodwood 007 Goodwood 008 Goodwood 009 Goodwood 010 Goodwood 011 Goodwood 012 Goodwood 013 Goodwood 014 Goodwood 015 Goodwood 016 Goodwood 017 Goodwood 018 Goodwood 019 Goodwood 020 Goodwood 021 Goodwood 022 Goodwood 023 Goodwood 024 Goodwood 025 Goodwood 026 Goodwood 027 Goodwood 028 Goodwood 029 Goodwood 030 Goodwood 031 Goodwood 032 Goodwood 033 Goodwood 034 Goodwood 035 Goodwood 036 Goodwood 037 Goodwood 038 Goodwood 039 Goodwood 040 Goodwood 041 Goodwood 042 Goodwood 043 Goodwood 044 Goodwood 045 Goodwood 046 Goodwood 047 Goodwood 048 Goodwood 049 Goodwood 050 Goodwood 051 Goodwood 052 Goodwood 053 Goodwood 054 Goodwood 055 Goodwood 056 Goodwood 057 Goodwood 058 Goodwood 059 Goodwood 060 Goodwood 061 Goodwood 062 Goodwood 063 Goodwood 064 Goodwood 065 Goodwood 066 Goodwood 067 Goodwood 068 Goodwood 069 Goodwood 070 Goodwood 071Goodwood 072Goodwood 073And finally, I thought I’d just use this opportunity to brag and say how I had the pleasure of meeting Steve Soper, Sir Stirling Moss, Tiff Needell and Stefan Johansson who were all very lovely people! And I got to sit in my dream machine, a Ford GT40.

  1. Wow! The images you captured are so dramatic, joyful and melancholy at the same time! I love it! Keep up the good work Amy =).
    -Chris Canlas from California

  2. The way you capture every moment is just perfect, incredibly artistic.Great job I admire your work !!!!

    Jorge !!!!

  3. Hi Amy. Great images. I have come to your work via Petrolicious….Excellent quality and variety of theme. Your images are hand in glove with their take on Automotive….

  4. You have set the bar very high, going to have my work cut out to match these when I go on the Friday this year

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